Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? -Matthew 6:26

As we walk through this adventure called life, we remind ourselves that we are all precious children of our Father-- those of us who have walked a little further down the road striving to guide those who have been entrusted to our care for a time. Here is our journey down this path.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catching up/ Fun 4th/ -isms

I have some silly catch up pictures from when the boys were at camp...we had a few girl friends over and had some fun....with crayons..... And stickers!

During the week they were gone, there were several storms. One afternoon, Abby went out and started barking like crazy. We went to check it out--knowing she usually finds a friendly turtle that hangs out in our yard. We found this instead....notice the paws--she didn't hurt it a bit! (Does this remind anyone else of the book "Are you my mother??")
Well, nurse Molly went to work right away. We put it in a box to keep it a little more safe and she fed it some water...

And she ran to the back yard to look under the rocks for a treat---my girl has no fear of creepy crawly things--in fact she adores them--all creatures great and small!

We read about what to do and learned we should leave it right where it was, so we went back inside and sat by the window-- and sure enough, we watched the mother bird fly around as they chirped at each other. We never saw her go right to it, but the bird was gone the next morning, so we are hoping for the best. (!?!?!)

Our July 4th was celebrated in Nashville with grands, uncles, aunt and cousins. And a little bang.

Sparklers for all.... Glasses cousins....

All of the Drake cousins---they had a fun day playing together!!Watching the fireworks in the street....courtesy of Uncles Trent & Thad.

Some fun camera tricks with the sparklers...S for Samuel.
Cynthia was more excited about the 'natural' fireworks then the noisy ones....

It was a quick trip, but we really enjoyed seeing family for a few days. Thanks for Grandmommy & Granddaddy for hosting all of our crew!

And, last but not least, I don't record enough of the funny things my kids say. I know I am going to forget them, so I want to write them down, but just don't usually take the time. Well, today there were 2 and I declare them 'blogworthy'!


I was telling Cynthia that we are going to see some friends tomorrow. They are also a family with 2 daughters from China. When I told her, she said, "Yay!" with a really happy/surprised look on her face. Then I said, "Do you know where MK was born?"

C: "You say it" (I don't know)
Me: "China!"

C: again with the same happy/surprised look and her hand on her chest with a gasp "China?!? Like me?!?! I SO surprise!"

Me...cracking up....


Then, later, Molly went to the mailbox to get the mail. She came running back, yelling, "Mommy, we got a letter from the PRESIDENT!!" and produced this....

Me again, cracking up!

Happy day!