Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? -Matthew 6:26

As we walk through this adventure called life, we remind ourselves that we are all precious children of our Father-- those of us who have walked a little further down the road striving to guide those who have been entrusted to our care for a time. Here is our journey down this path.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Fridays are hard

As any adoptive mama knows, Fridays are tough.  When you are waiting to hear news, updates, anything, about your baby on the other side of the world, every day starts with anticipation.

Will we hear something today?

Every time the phone rings....
Every time I see an email from our adoption agency....
My heart skips a beat.

Things have been moving along, but it is never, of course, fast enough when your baby isn't in your home and in your arms.

Many times, days go by with dreaded silence.  No word, no update, nothing.

But the next day brings that anticipation...maybe today.

And then there is Friday.

Friday is hard.  A silent Friday is harder.  When a Friday goes by without any news, the weekend ahead seems like an eternity because there is no possibility of news...until Monday.

We've had many of these Fridays.  No news, no excitement and no expectation that maybe it will be tomorrow.


The process after our visit to court includes the following:
-Awaiting a new birth certificate
-Awaiting a passport to be issued (which requires the birth certificate to apply)

-Awaiting a medical exam for immigration/visa
-Applying for a Visa (which requires a passport)

And all of these are done.  Finished.

-Awaiting news that all of the court documents are ready, everything is all neat and tidy and ready to be submitted to the American Embassy in Addis.
-Once submitted, there is a PAIR process that his case has to go through and then once cleared--WE CAN GO GET HIM AND BRING HIM HOME.

We have been awaiting news that our case is ready for embassy submission.  We have some friends whose children had to go back for more medical tests before submission.  So, we have been worried that Dawit might have to do that.  Waiting, waiting for more news.

This morning, we got a sweet update photo.

So.  Cute.  I.  Can't.  Stand.  It.

I went about my day--running errands, lunch at school with kiddos, picking up after school, dropping one off at a friend's house, picking up another friend...came home and amongst the chaos checked my email.  

And my heart did one of those skips.  An email from our agency.

It said:  Your medical is complete and you are clear to submit.  

WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  What great news for a Friday afternoon!!  I am so excited!  Even though it will still be a while for the embassy to clear, at least we are there!  The next big news will be IT.  So this is like T minus 1.  It could still be 4-6 weeks after submission, but we are moving!!  HOORAY!!

The rest of the email does present a prayer request.  

NOTE--if you would ever like to work overseas, work in an embassy.  The embassy employees get the holidays of their country of origin as well as the holidays of the country they are serving in.  

So, last Monday was an Ethiopian holiday and this coming Monday is MLK.  Each agency can only submit one day a week.  And...you guessed it, ours is Monday.  Sometimes, they allow Tuesday submission if that is the case, but our agency prepared us with this:

The embassy is closed on Monday.  They are going to try to submit on Tuesday, but it could be the next Monday.  
One Step Closer!!

SO...... we are guarding our hearts and expecting next Monday (27th), but hopefully, boldly, praying for this coming Tuesday (21st).  We would appreciate prayers to that end.  It would be great not to add another week to this process!!

We're coming little boy!! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Say Cheese!

A brief update....you are all so sweet to ask how things are going.  We haven't really heard much, but were excited to hear some news on Friday.  Another adoptive mama who is in Ethiopia told us that when she took her son for passport photos Dawit was getting his made at the same time.  :) Definitely a step in the right direction.  And he smiled, too.  Can't wait to see it.  What am I saying?? Can't wait to see HIM.  We still have many more hoops to jump through, but it was good to hear this!

January 7 is Christmas day in Ethiopia, so....